December 18

Change is in the Wind

There is an air of change coming through my life. The Chill Anarchist Podcast is going to receive a slight rebranding, new domain, and integration into my less self-sustainability-related channels (I will be integrating my entertainment stuff such as my gaming live streams, for example). I will continue to maintain separate Discords for both gaming and more agorist-related topics, however, they aren’t going to be mutually exclusive anymore. Some of the reward tiers for support will have cross-over benefits as supporting one supports both. I’m doing this as a way of simplifying my life and my workload. I’m using this to also push into more regular content for the podcast. Also, podcast chapters are soon to be a thing. I have recently learned how to do it in Audacity (though a native tool for Windows would be nice, most of the tools I’ve seen are Mac only), though it’s a very basic level.

Since I consider my live streaming to be part of my side hustle (I am making a small income stream from it) I feel that it’s okay to incorporate something that takes up so much time into the podcast, too. What this basically means is that at least one chapter of the podcast will be dedicated to talking about my live stream, asking for feedback on the last one, and discussing the games I play, how I feel about certain changes, and the like. It’ll be a place for me to vent about stupid changes in streaming platforms (like Twitch’s decision to basically nix autohosting) or gush over a game I recently played. We’ll see how this works, and if Anchor even will properly support chapters (I’m not entirely sure it will).

I also will be moving the Anchor ad segment to the beginning of the podcast. Any other sponsored content will get its own chapter in line with the podcast. I have been considering moving away from Anchor but I’m not entirely sure where to go or how to distribute if I did. This would be a big change if/when I do and I need to make the plans appropriately for the least disruption. I want a content distribution network that is more in-line with allowing me to customize things (even if I don’t use all of the features) and basically have more control over things. I think I could easily still use Anchor to forward to the other services, which I’m okay with. However, self-hosting isn’t something I’m sure my home network could handle if I really blew up (not saying I would, just that it’s a possibility).

Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know I haven’t forgotten about the podcast, I still believe I have something to contribute to the conversation, and that I’m doing to dedicate myself more to keeping up with the commitments I have made.

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