December 14

Intentional Communities

I have been listening a lot to Nicole Sauce (Living Free in Tennessee) and Jack Spirko (The Survival Podcast) – see links in the sidebar – and one of the best things that they are talking about right now is intentional communities. Now, they are not necessarily talking about people living close to each other, even possibly on the same communally owned land, though those are all valid options, too. They are talking, as far as I understand it, about an intentional network of individuals helping each other.

I took a first step, I think, in that regard. An individual I met via a Telegram group is looking into relocating and he is taking a look at the town or area that I am living in and, while we were discussing things, I realized that regardless of whether or not he moves to the area, I made a first step in building a community. I gave of my time and knowledge, leveraged some of my own contacts, and I provided him with valuable information about the area even if what I had may have been limited and possibly even somewhat outdated (which, by the way, is still better than what he had before). My next interaction like this and I can provide better information by getting out and finding out more about the things that this guy was interested in.

While the next person may not have the same concerns or needs, I will still have taken steps to better provide future people more information and will have gained valuable knowledge for my own purposes. This is not a zero sum game. If this guy does wind up moving to my area I now have a like-minded individual 20 minutes away at most and now we can help each other with whatever it is we may need help with. This also means that we are showing others looking to relocate that there are reasons now beyond just the land, access to resources, and being left the fuck alone. There is now another growing intentional community (the Holler is about 90 minutes away from my house) in the area. More opportunities to do your own thing but also not being isolated from normal people.

This is the way forward, I believe. Not only should we be getting ourselves prepared, to borrow Jack’s catchphrase, “for when times get tough or even if they don’t”, and intentionally making sure that we have a viable network of like-minded people doing the same thing for themselves.

As my family continues going down the road to becoming self-sufficient, we can surround ourselves with others looking to do the same. We each will have unique skills, talents, and interests that we can leverage to help ourselves and those in our community network.

If you have been presented with an opportunity to network with someone, even if they might not move to the area or whatever, don’t pass up the opportunity. You won’t know what will come of it unless you take the risk. I took the risk today and I wasn’t disappointed. I met with a cool guy, we talked about my hometown, and we broke bread together. That’s powerful. That’s intentional. That’s community.

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