December 18

Change is in the Wind

There is an air of change coming through my life. The Chill Anarchist Podcast is going to receive a slight rebranding, new domain, and integration into my less self-sustainability-related channels (I will be integrating my entertainment stuff such as my gaming live streams, for example). I will continue to maintain separate Discords for both gaming and more agorist-related topics, however, they aren’t going to be mutually exclusive anymore. Some of the reward tiers for support will have cross-over benefits as supporting one supports both. I’m doing this as a way of simplifying my life and my workload. I’m using this to also push into more regular content for the podcast. Also, podcast chapters are soon to be a thing. I have recently learned how to do it in Audacity (though a native tool for Windows would be nice, most of the tools I’ve seen are Mac only), though it’s a very basic level.

Since I consider my live streaming to be part of my side hustle (I am making a small income stream from it) I feel that it’s okay to incorporate something that takes up so much time into the podcast, too. What this basically means is that at least one chapter of the podcast will be dedicated to talking about my live stream, asking for feedback on the last one, and discussing the games I play, how I feel about certain changes, and the like. It’ll be a place for me to vent about stupid changes in streaming platforms (like Twitch’s decision to basically nix autohosting) or gush over a game I recently played. We’ll see how this works, and if Anchor even will properly support chapters (I’m not entirely sure it will).

I also will be moving the Anchor ad segment to the beginning of the podcast. Any other sponsored content will get its own chapter in line with the podcast. I have been considering moving away from Anchor but I’m not entirely sure where to go or how to distribute if I did. This would be a big change if/when I do and I need to make the plans appropriately for the least disruption. I want a content distribution network that is more in-line with allowing me to customize things (even if I don’t use all of the features) and basically have more control over things. I think I could easily still use Anchor to forward to the other services, which I’m okay with. However, self-hosting isn’t something I’m sure my home network could handle if I really blew up (not saying I would, just that it’s a possibility).

Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know I haven’t forgotten about the podcast, I still believe I have something to contribute to the conversation, and that I’m doing to dedicate myself more to keeping up with the commitments I have made.

December 3

Taking the Hard Line

This is a bit of a personal post, not anything to do with agorism per se but it is something that has been on my mind for a few weeks now.

I have a (sometimes bad) habit of taking a hard line on a subject. A lot of times even I agree, “wtf are you thinking dude, this ain’t worth it” but by then I’ve already done it and feel like I have to stand on that hill forever. It has led to me self-exiling myself from various communities, or dropping out and returning later on once I’ve cooled off. I don’t even know why I do it. It’s often stupid and leaves me feeling like I’ve lost any respectability. Sometimes, though, I feel it’s quite worth it to put down that line in the sand and say, “This is it and no further.”

I think it’s quite alright to take a hard line on some things, especially if we’ve made a good faith effort to listen to the other side. At some point, you’re going to have to quit waffling and commit to a point of view. Can you say, later on down the road, that you were wrong and have changed your mind? Fuck yeah. That’s liberty for ya. No one controls your thoughts, views, opinions, etc.

I used to take a very hard line against liquor and alcohol in general. However, over the years, that view has crumbled as I continue to reject the concept of government as a whole and the idea that peaceful people should be told what they can and cannot do, “For their good.” First, if they are truly peaceful people then so long as you don’t fuck around with them, they’ll remain that way. Second, such attempts at behavioral control just don’t work. Criminals are going to commit crimes, not because there wasn’t a law to stop them but because they never respected the rights of others in the first place.

I say all this to say that I am going to work on not taking a hard line when it’s not really beneficial to do so, however, I reserve the right to say, “Fuck you, this far and no further.” There are some things that we shouldn’t waiver or compromise on, there are subjects and behaviors that we should take a hard line on. Then there are others that we should just agree to disagree with (unless one side is able to convince the other, of course) and move on. Life is too short to treat everything as a line in the sand.

Love and peace to you all.

August 8


For the purposes of this post, we will be using agency in a narrow sense, as provided here by Merriam-Webster.

2: the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power

In this sense, one exerts power over themselves and their condition by acting on what they want and reacting to what they don’t want. I bring this up because as my daughter grows up, she is exhibiting agency in herself. She accepts those things, actions, and forms of attention she wants, and rejects those she does not want.

A long time ago I would have considered such to be simple defiance or rebellion, but it really doesn’t make much sense in all cases (and even “simple” defiance or rebellion is an act of agency). What makes more sense is that she, at 3, is finding ways to convey to those around her that she alone has control over herself. She’s already starting to try and “homestead” her life even if she doesn’t realize it (and in this case, I will share an excerpt from Walter Block’s book, Defending the Undefendable, in which I first came across this concept of homesteading, until then bear with me). She’s mixing her actions with her life to set boundaries for us to follow, and she’s very happy when we follow them (and we should try to follow them as best we can, unfortunately sometimes we have to override her desires for her own good just because she’s so young). As we raise an adult, we have to be very conscientious in how we treat her (and each other). We’re modeling the behavior we want her to display toward others. If we respect her agency (within proscribed limits if we want her to be happy and healthy until she can strike out on her own), chances are she will respect the agency of others (e.g. see the definition from above, or more simply put, the ability to make decisions for one’s own self) and be able to recognize when some people are not capable of making such decisions.

It’s frustrating at times. There are times when I want to share affection with her (a hug or kiss on the cheek, for example) and she’s just not interested. Do my own desires override hers? Absolutely not. At that point in time she is not interested in being affectionate in such a way and I, and others, should be mindful and respectful of that. She may be only 3, but she is entitled to determine for herself when she wants to be touched in such a manner although, to be fair, as we’re still potty-training her there are times where we need to scoop her into our arms and change her pull-ups. There may also be other times when we have to disrespect her wishes (such as when she is about to fall into something and get hurt or otherwise endanger her well-being). We would do the same for other adults if we really thought they were about to be hurt and we could act. Judiciously violating agency in that manner should be acceptable.

Another way we see her learning about agency is through the pets in our house. She loves them, but they don’t always want to be played with, cuddled, pet, or otherwise disturbed. By teaching her how cats and dogs exhibit their disagreement with a certain course of action we are teaching her to read body language and understand what it means when an animal makes threatening sounds. I believe it’s working. She loves our animals (three cats and one dog, with an extra dog over for an extended visit). She generally respects their agency. When it’s clear she’s not and she’s not paying attention to the signs that they aren’t happy we do intervene and use it as a teaching moment. She doesn’t get in trouble unless she obviously meant to harm the animal for no reason.

Now for the promised quote. Walter Block is actually quoting Murray N. Rothbard, though I don’t know the work it’s from (yet, I’ll need to read the appendix, I think). The context of the quote is in regards to child labor, but it applies well here, too, I believe.

What is wanted is an application of the principle of homesteading, which establishes self-ownership and ownership of property, but applied now to the perplexing problem of when a child becomes an adult. Such a theory has been put forth by Professor Murray N. Rothbard. According to Rothbard, a child becomes an adult not when he reaches some arbitrary age limit, but rather when he does something to establish his ownership and control over his own person: namely, when he leaves home, and becomes able to support himself. This criteria, and only this criteria, is free of all the objections to arbitrary age limits. Moreover, not only is it consistent with the libertarian homesteading theory, it is but an application of it. For by leaving home and becoming his own means of support, the ex-child becomes an initiator, as the homesteader, and owes his improved state to his own actions.

I want my daughter to be able to owe her improved state to her own actions. If she owns herself, owns her actions, and is able to initiate those actions which improve her condition she will have proven herself ready for the world, regardless of what is thrown at her.

January 18

First Post!

It’s been a long time since I kept a blog. My old one is still hosted on WordPress. I doubt I’ll be updating that one anymore. It’s time for a new look, a new home, and a new perspective. I don’t know how often I will be updating but I will try to make it regular. It will include current news, links to my podcast, and other stuff I see as related to this journey. I hope you’ll come along for my journey through this.

That all being said, I want to drop a few more links.
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I will leave you with this: I am going to be working on a new podcast episode. Keep an ear out for it.